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We loved having the McIntyres booked in for their relaxed family photoshoot celebrating their parent’s Ruby Anniversary! We were invited over to their house in Airdrie to capture the family in formal photographs with a candid outdoor vibe. Thankfully the weather played ball and we were able to get beautiful images outside in their garden. 

What we love about relaxed family photoshoots, is that we can really focus on different combinations of group photographs, for example, couples, grandparents, parents, and siblings. So by the end of your gallery, you have varied photographs showcasing your family in a candid/formal way. We also loved the McIntyre family’s styling on this day, sticking to natural tones, nothing too out there in terms of patterns or colours which really makes their photographs pleasing to the eye. 

With our family photoshoots we leave plenty of time to relax, so in this case they had Prosecco and cake whilst the kids played in the garden. Having breaks means that the children don’t feel too pressured to be perfect in every photograph meaning that the experience is more enjoyable by having it at their house and having all their toys nearby, along with their kitchen, etc to supply the food/drinks. 

If you are thinking about booking a family photoshoot, think about location, whom you would want to be in the images, the combinations, and the styling. All of these aspects create a beautiful setup for your photoshoot. 

A family photoshoot can be hard to organize, so nailing down a date early doors with everyone in your family is key. A great tip is to make a group chat which means you can all come up with ideas and clothing styling options. We have done photoshoots where one person in the family wasn’t on board with the styling and they stood out in their bright red t-shirt, so having these chats prior to the photoshoot helps. 

Remember it may be hard to set up this session, but once you do you won’t regret it as you will have professional beautiful images to look back on in years to come when your family ages, grows, and changes and you can think back to that time in your life. You won’t regret it. 

So enquire now to get booked in for your outdoor family photoshoot. 

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