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Choosing your Maternity Photographer 

At this moment you perhaps might be pregnant, or you may be trying for a baby at the moment and looking through images of exciting things to come when you are pregnant, or perhaps you hadn’t even thought about photography until you see this post and are wondering why anyone would feel comfortable getting photographs taken when they are pregnant? Today we take you through our style, why you should book a maternity session, and what is included in our packages. 

Since we were both little girls, we have both always loved pulling out our parent’s albums full of images of our life as a family, photographs of our brothers and us just born, our parents wading through the early stages with each of us (some more than others but let’s not get into the favouritism right now…) and us growing up together as families and turning out to be the people we are now. You think to yourself how did that go SO quickly? It was like a blink of an eye. Now as older adults, we love looking at our parent’s stories and the moments we weren’t here, the photographs of the same age as ourselves, and then the beginning of our life – the bump photos. We both think in all of the photographs we have seen of our mum’s there might be one or two pictures with her and the baby bumps… It’s quite frustrating as we would now love to see an image of our mother’s super excited to meet us in their photographs and for them to say oh yes you were a huge bump back then, but some of the small details they forget. 

You might be wondering why we are rambling on about our past life and the photographs we have but this will be your children in twenty years, hunting for your images of them and your memories. They will look for any scrap of them that you have (Believe us we have spent many a day in the loft hunting for anything else to tell us about our childhood!) It’s weirdly satisfying, so if you can create images for your child to look back on why wouldn’t you? We aren’t here to force you to do a maternity photoshoot but keep a scrapbook, put thoughts and feelings in it, take photographs of your beautiful bump because it’s AMAZING to make a child, it’s one of the best incredible gifts you can be given and cherish it. Yes, you might feel like a big bag of potatoes but to everyone else around you, you are STRONG, POWERFUL and A MOTHER and you have seriously got some amazing aura around you and that should be documented and photographed. 

Let’s talk about styling. A few people are nervous about this, we think when it comes to maternity everyone Imagine’s the old school images of you naked in a studio lying against a wall or wearing some humongous colourful dress with layers flying out everywhere that you might look back on in a few years and say, “What the heck am I wearing?” We always encourage you to dress naturally yourself. We have some little bits in our wardrobe, simple dresses, cardigans, a heck of a lot of Zara pieces (slightly obsessed), and some natural bits and bobs. Whether you want to wear these or your own clothes is completely up to you. We always suggest and do what you’re comfortable with. You might want some really sweet photographs of just you and your bump in the studio with soft lighting or you might want to go outside for a more natural photo shoot. You might want to include your partner or your children. These photoshoots don’t have to be the cringe-worthy way they used to be. This is about documenting you as you are now. 

Whether you choose outdoor or indoor maternity, we shoot 10 images in colour and give you 10 black and white copies. We find this is the perfect amount as no mummy wants to stand for longer than 30 minutes (Especially outside, we know you may be bursting for the loo) so a quick maternity photoshoot is what we love! We can guarantee at 30 weeks you will be SHATTERED after it. But when you look back on these images, you will not see what you may think you see in the mirror every morning, you will see a beautiful woman, a strong amazing woman who is filled with love and happiness and this is what you want to show to your baby in many years to come. The mother who couldn’t wait to start this exciting journey with their little button. 

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