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  • Doona car seat 
  • Nuby flasks 
  • Shnuggle baby bath 
  • Baby Bjorn carrier 
  • Joie Serina swing 
  • Splash about wet suit 
  • Metanium nappy rash ointment 
  • Baby sensory classes
  • Our newborn photoshoot 

I could not live without all of the above, the Doona is absolutely amazing for getting out and about without having to mess around with taking the wheels on and off your travel system. We did get lucky and very kindly got given a hand-me-down travel system which meant we could splurge a little on the Doona but life without it would be heavy and time-consuming!

The Nuby cooling flasks are the way to go for quick feeds out and about, we didn’t have them in the beginning and having to ask cafes for a cup of cold water and waiting was always a stress.

Anything you can put your baby in to help when washing the dishes or tidying up is a bonus so the swing and carrier were life saviors and still are! Plus the Bjorn is fabulous for dog walks as you can take dogs and baby out at the same time.

We go swimming a lot with Bryn and our swimsuit is fabulous for keeping him warm especially if he isn’t in the baby pool as it’s a little cooler. We find we can keep him in the pool for over half an hour which is awesome without him getting cold! They are pricey but if you’re going even once a week it’s worth it!

Baby sensory classes are amazing, I look forward to mine every week. The songs and ideas it gives you help play with your baby through the week and encourage learning. It also teaches sign language to your baby which is so awesome! It’s been my favourite class to go to.

Lastly our newborn shoot. It was amazing being on the other side and taking it all in. We now have beautiful photographs and a video to look back on and it’s crazy now to look at them as we can’t believe he was ever that size. You can take tons of phone photographs but nothing compares to those images or videos!


  • Angel bath seat 
  • Ewan the sheep 
  • Sterilizer for microwave 
  • Weleda nappy cream 
  • Beautiful beige toys 

The baths were such a shock to us as we bought the angel bath seat and got handed down the shnuggle bath from a lovely client. The seat is TERRIBLE – I used it in the bath once and eventually decided it wasn’t for us. Your baby doesn’t get fully covered in water in it which makes them cold, you also have to bend over the bath (which for me was terrible as I’d had a c-section) it wasn’t very secure or felt safe either in the beginning and Bryn hated it. The shnuggle bath was amazing as he could sit up and safely be in the bath without us having to hold him. It’s also fab as you can pop him on the table, to begin with, you can do it in the living room, pop your changing mat down and everything is so easy. It’s done and dusted within ten minutes!

Ewan… I have a love-hate relationship with this thing. He is great. But he also is a pain in the bum! He lasts 20 minutes… which sounds like a lot but when he turns off and your baby starts stirring and not crying you have to quickly switch it back on again. Then the battery life kills your battery so I’d invest in rechargeable batteries.

We have mam bottles so the sterilizer for the microwave was a complete waste of time as our bottles can self sterilize.

We bought this nappy cream and it was more expensive than the others… thinking it would be better but it actually broke Bryn out more and didn’t help. We then got recommended the nappy ointment in our rate list and this cleared him up in a few days and was super cheap! 

This last one kills me to say but the beautiful beige or wooden toys that look beautiful but Bryn could not care about he LOVES colourful things and actually over time I’ve realized ascetically things looking beautiful might be nice but it won’t help his development and he doesn’t care about them. Can highly vouch for the below play mat.

Of course, to summarise, some of these products you might totally be the other way around with, every baby is different and it is totally about testing out what works well for you and your baby. But these are the things that worked well for me and Bryn. Let us know your favourite products – what do your rave about? What do you hate? We always like to hear about new products, so if you think something is life-changing, tell us!

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