Little baby girl lying facing the camera with both hands under her chin. This pose is called Froggy Pose in Newborn Photography.

Quinn Redpath – Newborn Photography

Introducing Quinn Redpath.

This little bundle of joy came in to our studio a few weeks ago for her photoshoot. We wanted to blog a little about how their newborn shoot was to let our customers get an idea of what to expect perhaps on their photoshoot.

So how did this all come around? Laura Quinn’s mum messaged us asking for packages. We at this stage will send you a PDF with all our information and prices. We suggest that Mum and Dad pop by before the shoot to pay their deposit and to meet us face to face. We always try and encourage this as its a nice way of seeing the studio, going over everything we will be doing and getting to know one another before your photoshoot. Newborns are so precious, you need to be able to trust the people who are photographing your newborn baby. Our studio is just based in Coatbridge just next to the Post Office.

So we set the date for Quinn to be brought back in for and eagerly went over a few set ups together what we thought would be best for her shoot. When Laura and Ryan brought Quinn in we couldn’t get over how tiny and sleepy she was! We always start of each shoot by pre warning parents that they may not get every pose they may want as we are baby led. We don’t put your little one into a position if they aren’t loving it! It’s just like if we were lying on a bed in an uncomfortable position we would change out of it. A newborn can’t do that, so we go by what they tell us (usually a few wee cries)

Luckily for us we didn’t realise that Quinn was the most well behaved little Bub to walk through our doors. We started the photoshoot with 4 props and wrapped. Swaddling your newborn baby during the photoshoot is a great starting point. It ensures that you get beautiful images straight away even if they are awake. When they are swaddled they settle more so than what they would if they had their arms and legs flailing everywhere. They also tend to like being snug as a bug! Quinn flew through this part and even smiled for us!

We always encourage family photographs, even if you aren’t the biggest fan of a camera. Why do we encourage it even though you probably don’t feel like yourself quite yet? This is the first time you get a professional photograph done with your baby. Your baby will grow up in years to come and look back on this image no doubt with their baby and compare what they look like to what their baby looks like. It will be passed down in generations to come. It will also be a memory for you to look back on and think how tiny they really were in your arms. Laura and Ryan really wanted their photoshoot to mainly feature Quinn but wanted to get a family photograph with her in a subtle way. If you don’t want to go for a family photograph we suggest ‘Parent In Hands.’  This means you can document how small they really are in your hands without actually being in the photograph.

After props we move onto our beanbag poses. Your baby needs to sleep for these as they are difficult to achieve when awake. We tend to pop the heating a little bit higher during this time as your little one will be naked. We try to cover as many poses as they let us. We start with our flow posing – Side pose, Tummy, Macros and Hands on head. If your baby is flying through these we can carry on to do womb pose, froggy and back pose.

As you can see Quinn flew through every pose. She was a total delight for us and in a way when they all left we couldn’t believe how wonderful she was. Not every baby can go into all of these different poses. For example if your baby is pretty curled up still they may prefer, womb pose, froggy,back pose and perhaps hands on head. If your little one loves a stretch they may like side pose, tummy and hands on head. We take the time during the photoshoot to work out what best suits them and cater to that throughout the shoot as we want them to be as comfortable as possible throughout.

We loved having Laura and Ryan back in for their Reveal Wall. Dropping the sheet down and seeing their faces and watching them pick their favourites and images was a total joy. I think thats why we love what we do. We realise during our reveal walls how much each parent and family love their images.

We want your images to last you a lifetime, to be with you forever and to be with your child forever and their children’s children. We document every tiny little part of them for you to treasure and have forever. We hope you have loved reading about little Quinn’s photoshoot.

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