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You don’t have to have to have a large wedding for you to enjoy your wedding, we have seen many weddings that are smaller than your average wedding that turn out to be the best day’s with no stress and the most intimate of moments.




Melanie & Ian

That is exactly what Melanie and Ian decided to do. They got hitched at Oran Mor in Glasgow with their favourite Glasgow Wedding Photographer’s and their most favourite humans and we have to say this day was EPIC! Melanie and Ian are the most relaxed, wonderful and sweetest souls. We wanted to steal Melanie purely for her baking alone (she makes the best cakes!).

The morning

The morning was so unbelievably special as Melanie’s sisters both flew out from Australia (one who has never left the country) to come to the wedding. It was so incredible to see them all chatting and giggling, such a precious moment in time for them all.

The Ceremony

Both Melanie and Ian were really into their superheroes and before the ceremony decided to do a superhero stance to calm the nerves before heading into Oran Mor. We absolutely loved this, and their nerves certainly did go after this. It was probably the most chilled out morning/pre ceremony that we have ever had. During the ceremony they had a poem dedicated to them that their humanist had written. With such a small group of people we felt like every single person really was in the moment of the ceremony. Not one person was sitting on their phone or couldn’t see the couple and you could tell on the emotion of the guests faces this really meant something to them all.

After the ceremony we managed to go across to the Glasgow Botanic Gardens and get their group photographs and couple photos too! It was the most perfect sunny day meaning we had to ask a few sunbathers to move for the perfect spot. During the confetti shot Melanie’s sisters had brought back some eucalyptus leaves to throw in the air (as they smelled like home) and it turned out to be the cutest and most meaningful confetti shot we have photographed.

The Evening

The evening commenced with speeches in the smaller room of Oran mor (which was so quaint and rustic!) and we had a fabulous time laughing with all the guests. After the meal the cake was dished out and we died tasting Melanie’s Cookies (did we mention she was a fabulous baker and we still drool at her Instagram worthy food!). Games were laid out for later in the evening and music playing with a bar on the side too! We found this idea incredible and so relaxed and fun!

To finish up we took the couple a stroll down to Ashton Lane to capture the sunset for some more couple photographs and we hugged them goodbye and said farewell at the bottom of Ashton Lane. Watching the two of them walk away into the midst of Glasgow was such a nice sight to see because we knew they had about a 7 minute walk back to Oran Mor where they could chat about their day together privately and have some alone time. We hope they enjoyed that time together.

Planning your day think about…

So overall, it was a fantastic day and proves you don’t need 1000 guests to make it an enjoyable experience. Whatever your guest numbers just make sure it serves you both well, you think about it from both points of view and agree together. We have had the most incredible days with all sizes of weddings, it really won’t stop the excitement and love on your day no matter what you decide. Best of all you are sharing it with your closest friends and family experiencing both of you committing yourselves to each other having the best day of your lives.


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