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Newborn Photography Packages

Our Newborn Photography packages start from just £595.

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A newborn photo shoot is the perfect way to capture your beautiful bundle in the first few weeks of their life!

Having a baby is one of the most incredible and emotional times of your life. We want to capture these feelings for you and document them for you to hold on to forever.

Newborn photography is a very specialised genre of photography and you only have one chance to get it right. Newborn safety is our number one before anything we work in a safe, warm and comfortable environment for your baby.

Trust us with your new baby and your first family memories. Take a look at our newborn portfolio below for some inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I book my newborn session?

We recommend booking as early as you can to save disappointment. We look to schedule a date within the first 14 days of the due date of your baby. You can contact us via phone, email, Facebook with only a £95 deposit being required to secure your date.

We know due dates vary, we work with a “sliding diary” as we like to call it which means we always accommodate each and every mummy/daddy who chooses to book with us.

My baby is already born is it too late to book?

In our experience the optimum time for achieving the cutest squishy & cuddly photos is within 14 days of birth. The reason for this is that your little bundle will start to stretch out and become more awake after this time. This makes it much more difficult to achieve those types of images however we do understand this is not always possible for a number of reasons.

If you are in a position where your little one has arrived please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can discuss options to make sure you have images to treasure forever. For example: rather than traditional newborn style we might aim for images with little outfits or images which we capture your little one gazing into the camera to show off their gorgeous eyes… at the end of the day you will never be disappointed as all images are memories of how tiny and innocent they where at this stage in their life.

What should you expect during the session?

We are very hands on with the babies, we love getting cuddles during the shoots. Majority of the poses we will be able to position our selfs however sometimes we may need to borrow an extra set of hands. The last thing we want is getting the new mummy’s moving around too much so don’t worry about that.

Do you include family photos during the session?

We strongly recommend doing family photographs, these are so important as this is the first time you will be able to have a professional portrait that you will treasure forever – you will be surprised at how many parents love their images once they see them at their viewing gallery. We know you may be nervous after having your baby to get in photographs but honestly we will take care of you and position you to showcase you off as a beautiful family. We usually start these images half way through the session and this gives you time to get relaxed and finish any last minute touch ups which may have been rushed at home. 

What should you wear?

Your newborn baby will mostly be naked or wrapped or possibly have a hat or headband on.

Parents – Its best to come in plain & soft colours. This is because we want your images to look simple, timeless and with no distracting patterns. If you check out our highlights on Instagram you’ll see in the ‘’Style Guide’’ we talk through this and show examples.

For siblings – Try and have them in something they are comfortable in and put it on them once they are ready to have their photos taken as you just never know with kids! Try stay away from distracting patterns and go for natural soft colours I.E baby blues, baby pinks, creams.

Make-up and hair should be what your most comfortable with. If you have your nails done we would say to try have a natural colour and make sure they aren’t chipped, try to avoid missing fake nails too. Your hands will be used in some photographs to show how tiny and precious your little bundle is. 

Is there a deposit?

To secure your shoot we will require a non refundable £95 deposit paid via bank transfer. Once we have received this we will confirm your provisional date.

What happens if my baby comes earlier?

Once you have paid your deposit we will organise a provisional date under 10 days after your due date. If this changes please don’t worry, contact us once you are out of the hospital and we can arrange your shoot.

Do you have a studio?

Yes, our studio is located in Coatbridge. Our address is Unit 3 Coatbank way, ML5 3AG. There is free parking available outside with no time limits

Who can attend the shoot?

We recommend the mother of the newborn baby and someone there to help out for feeds, nappy changes etc however we will help out where we can.

For siblings if they can arrive at the beginning of the photoshoot. We will photograph family photographs for roughly about an hour and if possible arrange for a day out with another relative as it can be quite long for them.

What if my baby doesn't sleep

Please please please do not stress or worry about your baby not sleeping or not settling throughout their photoshoot, we’ve heard it and seen it all. To give you a little comfort we start the session in our white room set up, this is a super natural laid back part of the session where we document baby how they are and is a fantastic part for baby to be awake and get those little eyes open (which is sometimes super rare!) We get big stretches, yawns, their side profile and your hands involved in this section meaning you will have lots of beautiful images of your little one awake. We then flow into the wrapped section which again they can be awake for. Moving into the afternoon works well as they tend to be tired and worn out and sleep like dreams for us to do main posing. If they are having a really bad day and you think something may be wrong with them, we’re more than happy to reschedule to another date for you to come back, we would never force a little one to do a photoshoot if they weren’t happy.

What noise level should the shoot be?

The noise level should be what they are used to. We usually have white noise on along with some background music. When its too quiet they usually know something is going on!

How can you prepare for the shoot?

We would suggest organising your outfits a few days before your shoot so your not stressed out on the morning of your shoot. If you’re not sure what to wear we always suggest soft colours like creams, white’s, or colours that sit nicely together. If you google ”What to wear to a photoshoot” you’ll find loads of examples online. We recommend both parents coming to your shoot in comfy clothes and then changing for your portraits, it means if baby is sick on you it’s okay plus who wants to sit for 5 hours in jeans after giving birth? For newborn photography all our family portraits are shot from the waist up so you don’t really need to worry about bottoms too much.

We request that on arrival you try to give your baby a feed however we know that sometimes this cannot happen as babies have a schedule. If you are lucky and the timings work out its great as they tend to go into a “milk comma.”

This gives us the best chances of getting those curled up poses without disturbing their sleep.

Don’t dress them in anything that needs pulled over their heads and might wake them up.

If you have a dummy we would suggest bringing it and also bringing more milk than normal if bottle fed. Babies tend to drink more during their photoshoots as its hard work!

How long does the session last?

Every session is different as we don’t know how the baby will be. We have had newborns done within 1-2 hours however we have also had newborns last up to 5 hours. We will try keep it between 4-5 hours. We always start our sessions at 10am and finish for the latest 3pm. Don’t worry if you are late we understand being new parents it’s hard to get out the door. As you can imagine most newborn shoots run late when coming in, we will do our best to capture as much as we can before 3pm, just keep in mind that the later you are the less time we have for settling within the photoshoot. 

Do you need to provide props?

We will provide a range of large blankets to cover the bean bag and act as a background for the photos. We have hats, headbands, stretch wraps, bonnets etc they are all handmade and carefully chosen to match our colour schemes

If you have any particular favourite colours we can certainly ensure we have got them.

Can we included our own props in the photos?

Yes of course. Please show us these before we start shooting so we can create a plan to put them in on the right set ups.

Can you request a particular pose?

Yes of course at the end of the day they are your photos so we will do our best to accommodate you. However sometimes the babies don’t find all the poses comfortable and they will only relax and sleep when they are in their favourite positions.

Your newborns safety is our top priority. We will never balance the baby on objects or its self without having adult support and taking the weight. With these type of photos they are what we call composite images and they are put together in Photoshop to ensure the baby is safe.

Are the images edited?

Yes all images will be put through the usual editing of exposure correction, colours, white balance, cropping etc, however we will also retouch any dry skin on the baby. We will not retouch any birth marks and keep them as natural as possible. If the umbilical cord stump is still in place not to worry we will try cover it as much as we can in the photos.

When do we see our photos?

Your photos may take up to four to six weeks and we will keep in contact with you so you know when to expect them. Once your photographs are ready, we professionally print all of your photographs, and invite you in to your viewing gallery to choose the ones you love the most. This is when you can decide to order the presentation box, wall products and extra prints. We send you your digital files of chosen images via an online gallery which you can share with all friend and family. If you deicide to purchase your video this will be sent using We Transfer.

Are you trained in newborn photography?

Yes we are. Newborn photography is such a specialised genre of photography. This industry is not regulated. So please be aware when booking your newborn session that you consider your babies safety. We are fully trained from doing workshops in person and online via the world leading newborn photographers. These pictures will be some of your most treasured possessions. We will ensure that the photographs we capture are taken in a very safe, clean and comfortable environment for you and your baby. The whole experience is one you will remember fondly.

Can I print my own prints?

We believe in the saying “Paid for professional? Print professional”. After paying for a professional photography service it can only be shown justice if printed by the pro’s… our printers are one of the U.K’s best and know how to show your images off in the best way. From prints to canvas’, acrylic to aluminium we can meet any demands when it comes to displaying your images in a way to compliment your home.

That said, you will have high resolution copies of your chosen images sent to you by email so can print your own copies although please be aware non-professional printers (like supermarkets) don’t use calibrated machinery therefore often colours can be misrepresented and ruin your images.

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