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So guys, we are trying to blog a LITTLE more as we have been super dooper busy on the run up to my wedding (Cheryl) and with hundreds of weddings/newborn shoots and family photographs along with events we haven’t had the time. So we are starting a pact as of now to vow to do new blogs when we can as we love to tell our couples stories! 

So let’s tell you about a amazing wedding we just photographed of Ruth Harper to Mark Durnan. 

It all started on the lead up to the day. We arrived at Mar Hall Hotel to do our usual venue scout before the big day (this lets us see the conditions of the grounds) it also lets us pick where we are going to take you  for photographs and also lets us speak to the staff about your big day. Little did we realise that WESTLIFE were staying at their wedding venue. Now for most people this would be the coolest thing ever but for Heather she had no clue and walked straight past Sean without a care in the world. I couldn’t believe they where there and went slightly speechless as we stumbled past and then we went to check out the golf course – where we would be hopefully getting a sunset for Ruth and Mark on Saturday. 

Fast forward to Saturday, we were about to start photographing our AMAZING couples wedding day (Ruth & Mark) and arrived at Mar Hall hotel. We were about to pop into Ruth’s lodge for some bridal prep but just before we thought it would be best to check the weather forecast for the day. You see it had said all week it was to pour down all day, but Ruth & Mark must have a good luck charm as on this day it said a light bit of rain around 3pm but for the rest of it, it would be sunny and warm and DRY! Hurray!

Having the girls in the lodge was fantastic, with such a big space, beautiful light and lots of music and a chilled out vibe it was the most relaxing of mornings. You see Ruth is a Make up artist her self, so she did her own make up (which we think looked amazing) It was just so lovely to spend the time with girls during this time frame. Before the ceremony we split up into boys/girls and I went with mark and his groomsmen and Heather stayed with Ruth. Having the two of us there is always so helpful for time periods like this as you aren’t missing anything. 

The day went off a total hit, we loved their intimate ceremony full of laughter and such beautiful words. We always love working with Rachel Middleton (Humanist) as she is always so kind, caring and really takes you through an awesome ceremony. The bouquets/flowers for the day were supplied by super nova wedding design and flowers and really brought out the colours of the day. We also ADORED Ruth’s dress supplied by Eleganza Sposa, the detail in this dress is incredible and we are sure you can agree she looked absolutely breathtaking. We also took these two off for two couple shoots (well three actually!) As one was with one very important guest – their dog! We loved having denzo be part of their special day, he behaved so well and even decided to be the star of the show in group photographs a good few times! We had such a fun time with the both of them during their speeches which were hilarious and very emotional to the party time. We don’t think the dance floor was empty the whole time we where there. 

So what advice can we give you from this wedding? Not to panic about the weather forecast, what will be will be. At the end of the day you are still marrying the person you love and thats what the most important thing is! Also don’t go onto a golf course during peak times as you could get yelled FORT at very loudly – we may have done this on the Thursday…

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