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We cannot believe we are still in a time period where this is still going on? We wrote some blogs in the last lockdown to get us through the days and to be productive, unsure of when we will ever get out of this but now sitting in this new lockdown in 2021 it feels a little different. There is some hope at the end of this, the promise to be back to some normality by June… do we think that is going to happen? We aren’t sure but we sure do hope that weddings can presume again with AT LEAST 20 guests.

It’s heart-breaking at the moment reading all of our couple’s emails, they are completely done in with the constant changes and picking up their wedding and moving it to a new date and with that, it entails SO many difficulties. Perhaps a member of the family is living abroad and not able to make their day or a supplier who can’t do their new date but that was the supplier they couldn’t live without or perhaps the venue might not have any available days for the time period they wanted such as a summer wedding prime weekend date and all they may have available now is a weekday. No matter what the difficulties we really want to stress to look beyond that, no matter who is at your day, no matter what supplier you have or what day of the week it is, you are MARRYING the person YOU LOVE and cannot live without, we can assure you that when your day does come around that you won’t be feeling disappointed. You will feel like you are the luckiest person on the planet to finally be marrying your favourite person and those that surround you will be cheering you on not only because you got hitched but because you made it through a freeking pandemic and let love win. 

We have had a few couples decide to go ahead with their days and each and every single one of those weddings have been an utter blast. The feelings from each and every person these days are filled with love, excitement, and just joy. We get the chance to speak to every single guest individually creating such a close family vibe and making us actually get even better candid’s and moments than before because everyone is so relaxed. Amy and Josh had many struggles throughout the planning, having to pick up their day and move it to a new date, change their venue so it suited the more intimate vibes, both being self-employed (complete kick-ass bosses) they had the worry like all of us of what was going to happen to their industry and many more things like cutting guests, changing their plans completely and changing some suppliers. 

Did this ruin their day? Absolutely not, this was up there with one of our best days to photograph. We will never forget them going down the confetti aisle and we can actually play this back slowly in our heads. Each person jumping for joy, each person clapping and cheering and smiling and Amy and Josh just full of love and happiness and probably feeling like a weight has been lifted, they didn’t let this horrific virus stop them, they didn’t let it tear through their dreams and they didn’t let it affect their day. 

They plan to have a large party in the future with all of their guests, celebrating their day at their original venue Monachle Mhor when it is safe to do so, and we totally love this idea. Splitting your day into a party and wedding is such an awesome idea, it means it stretches out the celebrations, it means you can have that intimate vibe but also that crazy party too, you aren’t missing anything out or losing anything that you wanted for your day if anything you are gaining more. 

But for now, we will finish with some hope. We hope that in June weddings can at least return to 50 guests, we hope most members of your family and friends can come and see you tie the knot, we hope that soon dance floors will be filled and cuddles will be given. We hope that you can say your vows inside without your guests having to wear a mask on their face and we hope that social distancing can just GO AWAY because we miss these moments. We miss the normality of what life used to be. A life that we will never take for granted ever again. 

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