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A photograph of a sleeping newborn baby girl wrapped in a white wrap. She also has a fluffy white headband on her head. She is lying on a mint green blanket.

Hello So we’ve been pretty rubbish yet again with keeping up with blogging! As a lot of you will know, running your own business means you are often everything from, the photographer, the videographer, the social media master, the accountant, the receptionist, the cleaner, the list goes on, and the work pile NEVER seems to end! So our website tends to take a back seat. Covid-19 is not our favourite thing that’s ever happened however we’re using this time wisely to improve part of our business that really never ever gets the attention it deserves. 

Within newborn photography different names for certain poses have been made up which have then caught on and are now what us newborn photographers around the world use regularly, there are a few variations of some, but these seem to be the most popular names within the trade plus a few that we’ve adapted and made our own.

So we thought we’d kick start spring 2020 with a fun blog post as we often hear our clients say the poses are the same (which makes us die a little inside, as each pose is different & extremely hard to master haha.) We thought we’ll create a fun little blog to educate our clients on the terms of newborn photography and maybe when you’re at your newborn photoshoot and we’re talking code Newborn terms your’ll know what we are talking about. Some are very obvious, some not quite so much, but they make sense once you’ve seen them!

The one thing we ask if you’re coming into a session with us is that you come into the session with no expectations on your baby, and that you trust us. We are very patient, We are experienced at following babies cues, we will only put your baby into a pose that they are comfortable and safe in, and we will get a full gallery of beautiful images regardless of how sleepy they are! And we will never ever complain about a baby needing extra cuddles during their session. Ever! Snuggle, pose, edit, repeat. That’s our life. And we love it! We also can’t wait for our first session back after Covid-19, we’re missing all our baby cuddles.

1. Froggy Pose (the most requested)

Froggy pose is by far the most requested pose we get in the studio. At the beginning of each of our session’s we speak to our clients in front of our reveal wall (we have printed example of poses) to find out what poses they like and dislike. If our client would like to try froggy pose we show them how we achieve this pose safely. Every baby is different we always remind our clients they are tiny little humans who have their own likes and dislikes. We would never force a baby into a pose without them being happy & comfortable. There is just something about those squishy little lips and the little fingers on their chubby cheeks, you just want to eat them up!

2. Pretzel Wrap

We love pretzel wrap and so do all babies, this is a lovely variation on back pose/swaddle pose. We use our swaddle techniques to allow baby to feel nice and secure but still see all their little hands and feet and all those little details.

3. Lion King Pose (Parent in hands)

We use to call this parent in hands pose but we’re both such Disney fans and feel like Lion King Pose is much more suited. From the image below you can see why we just love this term. This is definitely one of the most special and timeless poses, it’s only at that one time as we’re taking the photo your baby will fit inside you hands so perfectly like that. We also don’t want to give the game away, but this pose is lit and posed to give the illusion that they are holding their baby in mid air… this is not the case. Your Newborn baby safety is our absolute main priority. We always take the time to talk our parents through ever pose before starting.

4. Side Pose

Awww side pose, I mean how can you not love this pose? When writing this blog we’re finding it so hard not to say this pose is our favourite for ever single one haha. We normally see that small curly babies don’t always enjoy this pose because they want to be all curled up, on the other hand we would say that long/tall babies absolutely love this pose because they can stretch out and still be cute and cosy. We pose the babies on their left side and portion their little hands and feet in a place thats most comfortable for them. The tricky part of most Newborn poses is getting their fingers straight. However don’t stress about that we know loads of tricks to get them nice a straight, but as mentioned before all babies are different and we are always ensuring that they are happy and comfortable. We also love adding in wraps, tiebacks, hats or even teddies to mix this pose up and little.

5. Peanut Pose/Prop Pose

There’s a reason babies are called “Bundles of Joy”, and this pose goes to prove that name. we wrap your baby snugly yet carefully in a stretchy long material, we then place them safely and comfortably into a prop of your choice, we use things like flokati rug, wool stuffers, flowers, felt teddies, tiebacks etc to get creative with these shots. This is very much like swaddling, fact it’s even more like wrapping a good Fajita So if you’re a parent, it might bring back memories of a time in your baby’s life with those sleepless nights. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, we’re not going to lie though sometimes we wish we could get swaddled to sleep.

6. Tummy Pose

This pose is a staple in newborn photography. One of the most simple and most baby-loved poses. We think what is most precious about this pose as you get all three features of a newborn baby. Their cute face with squishy cheeks, their fat rolls and tiny little feet. We find that babies who really love this pose are curly babies or babies who enjoy being cuddled up on their parents chest.

7. Macros

Now macro’s aren’t necessarily a pose however they are definitely an important part of our Newborn sessions at Canvas & Peach Studios. We capture the tiny details of your baby from their tiny toes, squishy lips & eyelashes. Sometimes we hear a parent say ‘’Why would you want a picture of their eyelashes’’ our answer to that is always – you cannot take these photos on your phone or without our expertise in newborn photography. Also as story tellers we love thinking ahead to how you’ll display your images at your home. These images always tell a beautiful story and sit lovely together a set.

8. Womb Pose

We do love this pose because it shows your baby beautiful curled up on our bean bag, you get their flexibility, tiny toes and little faces. Now it’s not a pose for every baby because getting those legs tucked right up underneath them and crossed over isn’t as comfortable for some than it is for others. We’ll try this pose if your baby naturally draws their legs up and under. We did read somewhere on the internet that during a cesarean delivery sometimes the babies come out in a similar position to this pose. We especially love this pose if your baby has lanugo (downy/peach fuzz) on their back, they remind us of fresh little ducklings.

9. Scan Pose

We’ve been on many workshops/online training to become the photographer’s we are today. Through these workshops we’ve been able to learn and master the poses we love and create our own bank of posing for every baby. This pose is a classic, it’s always so similar to the babies scan photo hence the title we’ve gave it, we’ve had so many parents get out their scan photos to compare it against. We love how as early as 12 weeks you are already familiar with the side profile of your newborn, how incredible is that? They’re definitely not just a black and white blob.

10. Back Pose

Back Pose is totally underplayed, we’ve recently fell in love with putting baby in their own little baby grow and just letting them chill out on the bean bag. We love the naked poses however when we think of a newborn baby they’re normally all cosy in a baby grow. This pose works really well if baby doesn’t enjoy being naked or has maybe woken up. We’ll take the opportunity of an eyes open picture straight away because trust me you might want froggy pose but the first picture every parent picks is one of their baby with their eyes open because its so unusual to capture at the newborn stage.

11. Classic/Side Russ

We’ve got one of our favourite Mentor’s to thank for teaching us this pose, Russ Jackson from London. We’ve been on two workshops with Russ and every time we come back we’ve added something new. However sometimes in Newborn photography is easy to get carried away and want every difficult pose possible. Our approach on Newborn photography is a lot more relaxed, if baby is happy we’ll do it. But really you’ve came to a professional photography studio to capture timeless portrait of your beautiful baby and that’s exactly what this pose does. Nothing crazy, just a classic portrait some may say just like your passport photo but a much better one obviously – who even has a nice passport photo haha. What more could you ask for? We can also add a little twist in to this pose by adding a hat or tieback and photographing them from a different angle, and sometimes your baby will pull a cute facial expression that makes it 10x harder to pick your favourite.

12. Hand’s on Head (Chin on hands)

For some silly reason we call this pose the wrong way about, really it should be ‘’head on hands’’ but it has stuck and when we say it we both know what we mean even though it doesn’t make sense. We’ll do this pose after tummy pose as we don’t need to move your baby we move our lighting slightly and then bring your babies elbows forward and cross their hands up underneath their chin. We love how this pose main focus is just your babies face, again this is an advanced pose and not every babies enjoys this pose. You also need to be carful where you position the babies hands as mentioned we’ve been on workshops and online course to ensure we know what we are doing however there are some photographers out there who don’t thats why when you’re doing your research you want to check that your newborn photographer has been trained and their main focus during the session is your babies safety.

13. Potato Sack

Last but not least when have potato sack, we love to incorporate this pose into our session because babies love to feel secure and they love being wrapped up. I mean the name is funny but it totally makes sense. Again we’ll mention that this pose has been shot with our hands on the baby at all times, we’re just really good at photoshop so you’d never know. Newborn photography is filled with camera tricks and photoshop work to ensure the safety of your baby, there is no reason to risk their safety for a pose.

These poses are all staples in a newborn portrait session and take a lot of patience & practice to perfect. We may not always get them perfect but we always get them done safely and comfortably, and luckily the babies are always super cute so I can’t really go wrong. Remember if your baby isn’t comfortable or doesn’t want to move into a certain position, we skip it and try something new we flow along with how baby feels so don’t be worrying about ‘’what if my baby doesn’t sleep’’

If your expecting or know someone who is expecting please get in touch soon as you’ve/they’ve had your/their 20 weak scan to get booked in. We only book three shoots per week which means we can be fully booked pretty fast however this allows room for movement if any of the babies are to arrive early or keeping us waiting a while longer.

If you want to keep up to date with us follow us on instagram @canvasandpeach & Facebook by search Canvas and Peach Studios. We also have a You Tube channel we upload to weekly so go check us out on there and remember to subscribe.

Speak Soon,
Heather & Cheryl

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