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Photographing our Family from Newborn age 

We are so incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to have many nieces and nephews, they are all so adorable and lovely and different in their own little ways. We also are so incredibly lucky to be able to give them back to their parents and have a full nights sleep (woohoo to that!)  We have photographed everyone of them from Newborn upwards. 

Photographing our families has been so special as we get to watch them grow and see it documented so well in our photographs. Not only do we get to see them change but also our own photography too! It’s amazing looking back at all the images of them as little newborn babies and seeing them collectively noticing little things about the kids but also the images. We can imagine it’s the same feeling when looking through your own child’s photographs. 

We were so incredibly lucky to capture the newest member to the team of Canvas and Peach – Newborn Esme. She is complete dreams for Aunty Heather because she is so squishy and beautiful but she was also a dream to photograph and big brother Caleb was also super behaved and amazing (you wouldn’t believe he is just 2 years old) but this made the entire photoshoot so AMAZING. 


How we photograph our Newborn sessions

The photoshoot started with our new setup in the white room which is when we spend time documenting your newborn baby in a very natural set up. We pop on a little white vest onto your baby and document them just how they are in that moment, they may be awake or full of curiosity or they may be super sleepy and we can pop them in a few natural poses to remind you when looking back how simply perfect your little one is. Esme was completely amazing during this time period and snoozed the whole way through. 

We then moved on to the family section of the photoshoot focusing in on singles with mum and dad and then some of the 4 of them together and finally doing some of Caleb and Esme together once Caleb was warmed up to ourselves. With your little newborn’s having a sibling it can be quite daunting getting their photographs taken so letting them have some fun and warm up time lets them ease into this section of the photoshoot without being scared is needed. We tend to get the best smiles after a little warm up and a play. 

Also in the morning of your shoot we will manage to get some more swaddled images, perhaps in a prop or on the beanbag and we will mix up these photographs so that if your little one does have a little cry after we have some beautiful images and can let them have a little break for lunch time. Esme was completely zonked the entire photoshoot which does happen sometimes (she had a little jaundice) but she must of known Aunty Heather needed her to be happy and content for the day of her photoshoot. 

Into the afternoon we move into main newborn posing where we focus on certain poses we think your little one will like. Occasionally they may prefer certain poses over others perhaps due to their little hips or the way they were birthed. It’s important to know that we will never force a newborn baby into a pose they do not like and we can tell the signs of this usually before we pose a baby in the way that they move during the session. Esme chose to do side pose, tummy and froggy and even finished on an awake set up to give us a variety of poses. Emma her Mother decided to bring her wedding dress and a wee welcome to the world sign that we incorporated into the photographs meaning that their photographs had a sentimental touch. You do not need to bring any props with you to your photoshoot as we have lots but if you would like something popped into a photograph or the video please don’t hesitate in bringing it along. 


To sum up the day

We had such an emotional day photographing Esme at the Newborn stage and to know that only in a few months she will have completely changed at her sitter session is so crazy. We always say how quickly your little one grows is always so mind blowing but it’s helpful to have your favourite photographers there to capture the moments that fly by you, so you don’t miss out on creating memories for them to look back on in years to come. We know that our little ones in the family will have plenty, so much so that when they do become teenagers we will probably be banned from being in contact with them holding a camera (Sorry in advance to all of you) or they will turn out to be professional models ready for their close up. Either way we have no regrets haha! 

So get in touch now to book in the newest newborn member of your family and to create moments to last a lifetime. 

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