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On Sunday the 9th of May 2021 we were super lucky to photograph Jenna and Scott’s wedding at the amazing venue of Cornhill castle in Biggar, this was our first 50 guest wedding back from our third lockdown and we were so ready for it! It felt like Christmas morning knowing that we were heading into a slightly more normal scenario (especially given what last year was like!) And even hearing live music playing during the ceremony was a total pinch us moment! We couldn’t believe when Jenna gave us a call to say the wedding is going ahead in May again (She had postponed to 2022) but we totally agreed with her that going ahead meant she could have her day sooner and in a less restricted time period – you just never know with these rules and restrictions! Keep reading to hear more about their day down below. 

Let’s start with the venue! We absolutely ADORE Cornhill castle, there is so many amazing places to capture your photographs and we really tried to use as many as we could on Jenna and Scott’s day. The weather was very touch and go throughout the day, forecast for heavy rain, we got showers, gale force winds and then some sunny spells that meant we could sneak in and out for photographs. The one thing we love about this venue is that everything is so close but you get these amazing views of Tinto in the distance and no mater where you shoot you can photograph this place many times and still have different images. We also absolutely adored the big windows, the look of the interior inside and especially the funky little bar in the back where you feel you walk into the great Gatsby! 

We also loved how amazingly special Scott and Jenna’s day was. You see we have actually photographed their maternity session, newborn and soon to be cake-smash for their little girl Penelope! Adding to their story with their wedding was a total honour. Photographing kids at weddings for us is second nature, we bring toys, sing songs and really understand that sometimes they just need a little nap or a break and they will come bouncing back in the evening after a long snooze and some food so don’t stress out too much if they aren’t playing ball after the groups, check out the evening photos we got of little Penelope with Jenna and Scott – Cute as can be! 

Overall the day was fantastic, we loved seeing people come together again and celebrating something SO amazing as tying the knot. It was super emotional for us because this was our first wedding back and a hope for what is to come in this time period. We wish you all the love in the world Jenna and Scott and we hope you have many years of happiness together! 

On a side note – majority of our weddings are going ahead now with one or two postponements because relatives can’t make it from over sea’s. We just hope that with the vaccination pouring out that this virus will be something of the past, or at least something we can live with. We actually can’t believe looking back what we have went through within this pandemic and moving all of our weddings and studio work left right and centre, closing our doors and opening our doors to then close again and the emotional breakdowns we have had in between!  We are just so thankful to have AWESOME clients who work with us and who love us enough to make sure we are free on their new dates – it’s made us so unbelievably grateful for you all. The pandemic also made us realise how much we are such a team, myself and Heather work sometimes 12 hour shifts together throughout the week, we spoke every day of the pandemic, sometimes we cried to one another, sometimes we laughed and sometimes we worried quietly and leaned on the other person to get us through. Without each other we wouldn’t have made it I don’t think and that has brought us SO MUCH closer than we ever were. We are so in sync with one another about our business and personal life, we are best friends and we are BOSSES for making it through this far. 

Stay tuned for our next wedding blog soon! It’s another good one! 😀 

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