City wedding at Grand Central Hotel

Are you looking for a venue accessible to ALL of your guests? Why not choose a location right next to the train station? Or in Grand Central Hotel’s case INSIDE the station. Your guests can literally get off the train, walk for two seconds and they are at your venue? Whats not to LOVE!

We had a wedding here recently for Lisa and Scott who met when they were 10 YEARS OLD! They lived directly across from one another and from there on it was meant to be. What was clear from the outset was Lisa was one of the most chilled out brides we have ever met and Scott called himself the “Groomzilla.”

We asked Lisa and Scott a few questions about their day and have put a few parts into a mini blog.

Lisa and Scott chose The Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow because its been recently renovated, they loved the size as they were having a large ITALIAN wedding. They also had a shot in their mind of us focusing in on them with people passing by whilst standing in the middle of the station making it feel like they are the only two people in the world at that moment. Of course when it came to doing this no one actually wanted to interrupt the couple shoot in the station and kept as far away as possible from Lisa and Scott. It proved to be much hilarity and we finally got a few people passing by. What we loved about going into the public eye is how much people smile at you and congratulate you, it’s so lovely to see. Once we got a few photographs down at the main board in the station we headed off to a quieter spot along the platform which was lovely for the couple to enjoy some time away together.

On the day Lisa looked elegant in her Wed 2 B dress, she held beautiful flowers by Paula from Petal Mania and had 5 beautiful bridesmaids surrounding her all wearing dresses from davids bridal. Scott looked handsome in a handmade kilt made by David Ogilvie, and had a few ushers along with best man and most importantly his son Alessio (who we think stole the day!)

The most amazing thing about this wedding was how much of a family unit they are, you could see the love and family strength between them all, they had over 100 day guests and the best part of the day was when their was music and singing involved. They had Edward (Uncle) and  (Friend) Sarah Jane singing during their service (the entrance of Lisa gave us heebie jeebies to last a lifetime) and Roberto Enzo playing the accordion (he got EVERY GUEST up to do the conga). Honestly the music was INCREDIBLE. We loved being apart of it and even on our break we got up to document little bits as they had so much going on at dinner. It was fantastic.

One thing to note in every wedding is sometimes you won’t have those you want to be there, to be there. Its heartbreaking, I know this planning my own wedding. None of my grandparents will be attending, two have sadly passed away and two are unfit enough to come. Now Scott and Lisa got terrible news just before their wedding that their Grandad was not well enough to attend and that he had been put in hospital. This didn’t stop him from attending every moment from their wedding day. How you ask? They used FACETIME! What a brilliant idea to let him be able to see the day from his phone. You will notice throughout the photographs that he had a big part to play on the day. Scott and Lisa told us they wanted to go see him the next day as a surprise in their full wedding outfits. As soon as they told us this we decided to surprise them that Heather would go the next day to the hospital and capture the moments for free of charge. We love being able to give our couples beautiful moments captured to last a lifetime.

All in all the day was epic. If you are looking for a big beautiful venue, close to the city and full of places to get photographs taken this is the place for you! Below you will see some of our favourite shots from their wedding. If you are planning a city wedding take notes as we feel like this is pinterest worthy. Or should we say newspaper worthy as their story got published in a few Scottish newspapers!

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