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Caesarean recovery tips 

Are you about to go through a Caesarean section with your baby and unsure of what to expect after? Well, look no further as this is a top-tip guide to help. As always take this with a pinch of salt as all of this advice (especially as every cesarean is different) is just that but hopefully, this helps you in one way or another with the best way to prepare for your surgery and being comfortable after.

  • Use your pregnancy pillow (Or lots of pillows) as a back support for the night feeds, it helps you get up easier by placing it behind your back rather than how you used it to sleep during pregnancy. I found this easier to get up after my Caesarean as I was already halfway. Pop your feet out of the bed first too, then slowly ease yourself up. The higher up you are the less way you have to go. Also if you do have a partner or someone helping you for the first few days pop the baby at their side for the first few nights as they can pass the baby to you, this will be easier than you getting up during this time period and means you won’t be too uncomfortable.
  • When showering for the first time after your Caesarean, take your time washing your hair, putting your arms above your head can hurt a little if you do this quickly so take your time and go slow, use one hand at a time to massage your head, and don’t overstretch yourself.
  • Try keeping all your washing products high up when you shower for the first time. I put mine stupidly on the floor during it and bent down which wasn’t a great moment in hindsight as overstretching can be sore. There should be wee bins that you can balance your things on to make it easier. Try and have a little shower when you are in the hospital especially if you are staying in the extra day, this will make you feel better even if it is a big effort, this really helped me.
  • Getting up and about at a slow pace after your Caesarean really helped me mobilize quicker, try building your walks up, so go to the kitchen first get yourself a juice, then a wee walk around the bottom of the house, then a wee walk around your block… doing this will give you independence but also get your body moving which in turn helps with gas and also helping the wound heal a little. It might be hard to do this at first so just remember baby steps and get others to help you when needed.
  • Blood clot injections. Rotate these on the top of your legs, one on the left, one on the right then repeat. Get your partner or family/friend to do this as it’s one less thing for you to think about. Would avoid the stomach.
  • Keep taking your pain relief tablets even if you feel you don’t need them. They help with the stinginess of the jabs and also you might feel like your recovery is going well but coming off pain relief too early can be sore! I found if I had a busy day I would be sorer, so take it slow doing lots.
  • More emotionally than recovery from your Caesarean, try not to overwhelm yourself, have that first day back from the hospital in the house without any visitors, I got super overwhelmed during this especially after being in the hospital for a few days with a long induction process and lack of sleep. Then take visitors as and when feels right for you. 
  • Take the laxative you get given, seriously. Even if you feel it’s working too well. It’s better than being constipated and not being able to poo.
  • Gas – After the Caesarean, you will be a little gassy but unable to get rid of it – take some peppermint tea this will massively help, and try to move around as much as possible. 
  • Shave the top part down there! Seriously. The bandage covering your scar when you pull it off won’t pull on your scar but it will your hair. Be warned!
  • When driving home from the hospital and out and about take a pillow with you and pop it on your stomach, this means if you go over a speed bump or a pothole you’ll be able to hold it on your tummy to take the brunt of the bump, it shouldn’t be as bad, We live in a new build area and they love a speed bump and I didn’t know this tip till later on, I swear I could have killed my partner about 500 times when he went over them haha!
  • There is a special gel for removing dressings called Appeel Liquid Sachet – Sterile Adhesive Dressing Remover – Its amazing, my best friend was a midwife on the ward the day I was getting discharged, but she gave me these, I would ask and see if they give you them and if not I would order them to come for when you do remove your dressing, they can be super sticky and hard to pull off and slightly nippy but this gel is amazing as you rub it in and pull it off slowly and gently and it comes off without any pain.
  • Lastly, I know this will be super overwhelming to read and maybe a little nerve-wracking with talking about pain, etc, however, I found the recovery totally okay, it was difficult the first few days but not unmanageable, I think it helps that you have a beautiful baby there and you’re just so in awe of them that you get through the pain. The only thing I struggled with after having a section was not being able to drive. But after my 6 weeks I was out and about and totally back to normal as well.

If you do have any questions and need some advice with having a c-section or going through the induction message us and I’ll be happy to help.

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