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About Canvas and Peach Photography


Canvas and Peach Photography are the dynamic duo of Cheryl & Heather, who met through a mutual love of photography. We specialise in Wedding Photography, Newborn Photography, Family Portraits and Children’s Portraiture. Canvas and Peach Photography are based out of a gorgeous studio in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, but we work with clients across the country. From Glasgow to Edinburgh to your special tropical destination, we work to capture your special moments wherever they happen.

Canvas and Peach Photography are professionally trained in newborn and wedding photography and have photographed hundreds of families throughout their journey of life. When it comes to newborn photography, we are first aid trained and take great care when handling newborn babies. With our wedding photography we have been capturing love stories for 5 years now and we adore that every story is different. Both of us have big families so we can relate to every aspect of life through our own personal experiences, this really helps us connect and capture your photographs. Whatever the occasion is we ensure we give you the best possible experience.




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So why do we do this?


We love capturing all of those special moments in your life and creating memories for you to treasure forever, life has a habit of passing by too quickly so why not document every stage? Your photos will be looked back on in years to come and we know it is so important that they are perfect in every way. We have big hearts and we are hopeless romantics. For us we want to be able to be there through all of your big moments of life as its an incredible journey that we don’t want to miss out on. Every wedding we go to we well up and every little newborn sigh or squeak we hear we dote on.

Fun Facts About Cheryl

I got married to my Husband in June 2019 (He drives me crazy!)

I have a dog called Winston the Westie  (He also drives me crazy)

I have an obsession with Say yes to the dress and anything to do with babies being born on TV – I suppose this means I am in the right job yes?

I am probably the least domesticated person there is, I like to call it free spirited.

I believe every animal has a personality and can speak and I even do voices for them (I cant be the only one right?)

Fun Facts About Heather

I am a Veggie – Animals are friends not food.

I love Yoga & Meditation – positive thinking is my go to.

I love a list and anything to do with being organised which works so well in our job!

I can’t tell a short story – every detail must go in (My nickname is Heather the Blether) Good luck with your wedding meetings.

I am actually dyslexic (try to spell that!) however I learned Gaelic throughout my Childhood.

Where is our studio?


Based in Coatbridge within North Lanarkshire, this is twenty minutes outside of Glasgow. We have transformed an industrial unit and have made the studio warm, cosy, safe and inviting but most of all homely as we want you to feel as relaxed as possible when you come to visit us. Take a 360 tour of our studio with us in the video below!