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We loved photographing Leah and Jamie’s rustic wedding at Comrie Croft in 2022 summer. With the venue’s relaxed vibes and our couple’s laid-back attitude and enjoying everything fun the day was such an amazing vibe and we had so much fun! What we love about Comrie Croft is you can be as DIY as you like, adding in lots of your own little bits to make the place personal to you, for example, Leah and Jamie really wanted to have a bucking bronco, along with adding additional cowboy hats, making the whole thing a perfect place to enjoy something different whilst getting the coolest photographs! What we would suggest is prepping your guests that this will be here meaning some of the gals in dresses can bring shorts if they prefer in case they do fall off and all modesty is out the window haha! 

What was so lovely about Leah and Jamie’s day is that everyone was so relaxed around us, which meant that we could capture the fun, in-the-moment and candid photographs naturally without having to pose the families/friends too much. The other great thing was having 2 hours turnaround and Leah being on time which meant there was plenty of time for the couple to enjoy mingling, have a drink, and then start their photographs. Depending on how many groups you do choose to do we always suggest having a 2-hour window at the minimum to enjoy this time. Did you know in America they actually do all their photographs first in the morning, and then their drinks reception is actually their time to mingle? Meaning they spend unlimited time with their guests? Our most hated feeling is when we can’t give our couples enough time to breathe and some venues insist on a 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes turn around time which isn’t enough time to capture everything and enjoy yourself especially if things run late. So when planning that’s always a major tip that we tell our couples to ensure you have an awesome day. 

We always love to scout the venue that we go to before the wedding and we found a few cool spots that we absolutely loved at Comrie Croft – the place is pretty vast so nailing these locations before getting Leah (In heels) and Jamie to come with us was a priority, we found a beautiful field not that far away for the evening couple photoshoot that meant they could have a little bit of space from the party and just take in the moment together and our favourite thing to do at the end of these sessions is to say take a little time together, we will head back and you can take at the moment together. 

We loved finishing the day off with sparklers too and for each thing that we did with Leah and Jamie, they put 100% into making it so fun and enjoyable for their guests, for example, cokeyback down the confetti, and running up and down through their sparkler shots. We didn’t want to leave at the end of the day but couldn’t wait to edit the gallery with all their moments happening and it has to be up there with one of our favourite wedding days! 

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